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Impotence is a major issue that men face the world over. It has been reported that four out of ten men are impotent. Impotence is a condition when men do not get the right erection when engaging in sex and also a failure of maintaining the erection for a long time. However, nowadays impotence or erection dysfunction is not a major issue as there are several drugs that help in improving erections. Cialis is one such drug that helps in getting the penis rock hard.

Drug usage

Impotence is mainly caused when there is a decreased flow of blood in the penis. If there is an increase in the blood flow, then there is nothing to worry. Cialis is a medicine that helps in the widening of the blood vessels in the penile region. Once there is enough space in the vessels, more blood flows into the penis, resulting in rock hard erection.

How taken

Most of the impotence drugs have to be taken with food or in empty stomach. This is the same with cialis pills. But you should always follow the doctor’s advice while taking Cialis pills. Once the drug is taken, you can have immense pleasure lasting about 35 hours.


Men taking calis should stick on to the dosage. If there is an overdose, it can bring in many complications. In case you come across overdose symptoms like fainting, chest pain, increased heartbeat and nausea, rush to the doctor.

More Information

Before taking any drug for your impotence issue, it is better to seek the advice of a doctor. The doctor is the only right person who can make a decision on the Cilais drug. While talking about your impotence issue with the doctor, you should never hide anything related to your health conditions. The physician should have to know if you are having any issues related to the blood, heart, liver and kidney. Tell the doctor if you are having Peyronie's disease and retinitis pigmentosa.


When talking to the doctor about your conditions, you should also inform him about all the medicines that you are taking. This is needed because some of the drugs can interact with cialis. It is advised not to take Cialis if you are taking any medicine that contains nitrate. This is because mixing Cialis with nitrate can lower the pressure to dangerous levels, which can be even fatal.

It is also advised not to consume alcohol and also to avoid grape fruit and grape juice.

Side effects

Once you have started taking Cialis, you should also be aware of the various side effects that come with the drug. It has been rarely noticed that the drug can cause swelling (tongue, lips, mouth), hives and breathing problems.

Cialis should be stopped and the doctor has to be immediately consulted if you have the following serious side effects: illness, nausea, irregular heart beat, sweating, ringing in ears, chest pain, sudden vision problems, sudden hearing loss and pain spreading to arms and shoulders.

When using Cialis pills, one can also come across less serious side effects such as sore throat, headache, stuffy nose, stomach upset and diarrhoea.

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